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Crane console


OP höglunds’ Topploss crane bracket allows for quick and simple shunting. The crane can be mounted directly behind the cabin, on the back of the truck, on the flatbed or on the trailer. The bracket is available with either a manual or pneumatic locking device; its conical design eliminates gaps. Topploss can be used for cranes up to 28 tnm.

New development

Topploss has been developed and is now even easier to handle. The new Topploss has been designed mainly for timber trucks and can be mounted on both aluminium and steel bodies. The controls have been redesigned for optimum weight distribution.   

When mounting cranes on vehicles other than timber trucks we use the reliable standard variation of Topploss.

Lighter in weight

The fixed crane console Topploss incl. crane plates are approx. 150 kg lighter than crane brackets incl. crane console.


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